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Tutorial Notes

In this lesson we will show you how to install and configure the PayPal Website Payment PRO OpenCart module. You will learn how to correctly configure the payment module to include you PayPal API Username, Password and Signature as well as how to correctly configure the testing and transaction method settings.

We also explain the difference between the PayPal Standard Payment Module and the PayPal Website Payments PRO Payment Module and what this means for your customers during the checkout process.

What You'll Need:-

  1. Working OpenCart Installation.
  2. PayPal Account Information.

What You'll Learn:-

  1. How to install the PayPal Website Payments PRO Payment module.
  2. How to configure the payment module.
  3. How to correctly enter the require API information.
  4. What the testing option means.
  5. How to correctly configure the transaction method.
  6. How to set the return status.
  7. How to set the GEO Zone correctly.

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