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Payment Tutorial: PayPal Standard

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Accepting Credit Cards

Should I Accept Credit Cards?Short answer, Yes. Long answer, Yes but choose your credit card payment gateway very, very carefully.Alongside PayPal the preferred choice of payment for most customers will be credit card. There are no readily available figures on exactly the percentage of internet purchases that are made using credit cards but I'm guessing it's extremely high especially amongst direct retail outlets. Business to business transactions may take place in a number of other forms but the direct retail will prominently be credit card based.If you are considering accepting credit card payments your first consideration should be this. Do I want to process credit card..

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Using PayPal

We all know the horror stories regarding PayPal. Whether they be tales of frozen accounts or the staple of PayPal hate the disputed purchase. As ubiquitous as PayPal is it has a number of drawbacks that you should know about:-The buyer is always right according to them and will win any dispute 90% plus of the time.Unless you use registered post the buyer will win any dispute.Your account can get frozen at any time and you will have very little recourse other than begging for it to be unfrozen.Account fraud is on the rise so buyer disputes are not the only source of..

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