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Tutorial Notes

In this tutorial we will show you how to change text in your OpenCart store. We will show you how to alter the text found in the footer of your OpenCart store and also how to change the "Powered By OpenCart" link at the bottom of your store. After following this tutorial you will be able to make changes to any of the text in your OpenCart store that isn't able to be edited through the OpenCart administration panel.

Resources you will need:-

  1. Text editor - Recommended (Sublime Text 2).

What you'll learn:-

  1. How to edit an OpenCart file using a text editor.
  2. The correct way to edit Text in your OpenCart store.
  3. The basics of the OpenCart folder structure including using the language directory.
  4. How to make basic text changes in the footer of your store.
  5. How to change the "Powered By OpenCart" link in your store.
  6. How to make further text changes to your OpenCart store the right way.
  7. The difference between Controller, View and Language files and the correct usage.

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