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Tutorial Notes

This is the final tutorial in our series of creating your own basic OpenCart module. The tutorial covers building the front end code required to display the module to website visitors and positioning the module within your OpenCart store. The tutorial moves from the admin/ folder of OpenCart into the catalog/ folder to continue development.

Controller File
  • Creating a catalog controller file.
  • Naming your controller class and extending the base controller.
  • Retrieving module settings stored in the database.
  • Loading module template files for viewing.
  • Rendering out from your controller.
View Templates
  • Displaying module content.
This tutorial concludes this series. By the end of this tutorial and series you will have the ability to create your own custom OpenCart modules. Using the methods described in this series you will be able to create an OpenCart modules administration interface all the way through to the modules front end visitor facing display. The concepts outlined are applicable in all OpenCart module development.

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