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Tutorial Notes

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom OpenCart page complete with OpenCart header and footer html. The page is fully functional and allows you to place any HTML content you want within the page. This is perfect for promotional pages, embedding Google maps, newsletter signup forms or just about anything not covered by the inbuilt OpenCart pages system.

You'll learn how to:-

Build a Controller File
  • Barebones controller with less than 20 lines of code.
  • Utilise the language system for future compatibility.
Build a Language File
  • Adding entries to your language file.
  • Format of the language file.
Build View Templates
  • Display the fully functional OpenCart header and footer for seamless integration with your site.
  • Embed your own content into the page.
At the completion of this tutorial you will have a fully functional custom OpenCart page ready for you to use in your store.

Download Sublime Text 2

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