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Tutorial: Install Custom OpenCart Theme

82,015 viewsLength: 3:14

Tutorial: Installing OpenCart Modules

40,384 viewsLength: 4:24

Tutorial: Installing OpenCart

35,724 viewsLength: 12:39

Tutorial: Creating OpenCart Categories

28,186 viewsLength: 12:39

Tutorial: Installing vQmod OpenCart Modules

23,323 viewsLength: 2:46

Tutorial: Adding Products

22,993 viewsLength: 24:55

Tutorial: Installing vQmod

17,271 viewsLength: 2:19

Tutorial: Module Positioning

14,966 viewsLength: 4:56

Tutorial: Adding Information Pages

11,423 viewsLength: 5:15

Tutorial: Adding Manufacturers

8,824 viewsLength: 8:23

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Product Images

The quality of your product images will directly affect your conversion rates. Images that are pixelated, small in size or that fail to show your potential customers the key features of your product will negatively affect your conversion rate. On the flip side when you use quality images that display the key features of the product and can be enlarged or zoomed in your conversion rate will improve. You need to remember that visitors to your site will be making decisions on whether to read the detail of your products based solely on the images of the products you present them. Start to think of your product..

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Writing Product Descriptions

If your product images are the bait then your product descriptions (product copy) are the hook. Product copy is often one of the most neglected aspects of an e-commerce store. Lets face it, it's not fun (for most of us), it's quite laborious especially of you have a significant amount of products and for those of us who did not graduate as an English major it can be a really daunting experience to not only write product descriptions but to do them in such as way to improve you conversion rate. So what should I do? Well, if you happen to be gifted and know..

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Product Comments

The choice to allow or disallow customers or visitors to your store to leave comments or even ratings on your products is a very interesting choice. On the one hand if your customers leave positive comments regarding your products it should help increase sales due to the reassurance value it gives new customers. On the other hand negative comments or comments seeking product support will detract from the products appeal and cause a reduction in sales.So what should you do? Disable product comments or allow them only after moderation. Make sure that any comments are valid and work to help you sell your product. That's..

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