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Tutorial: OpenCart SEO Part 1

24,958 viewsLength: 4:18

Tutorial: Product Filters

13,104 viewsLength: 6:42

Tutorial: Securing OpenCart Admin Panel

12,252 viewsLength: 4:43

Tutorial: OpenCart SEO Part 2

7,017 viewsLength: 12:50

Tutorial: Backing Up OpenCart

6,786 viewsLength: 3:27

Tutorial: Product Options

6,664 viewsLength: 5:35

Tutorial: Product Attributes

5,890 viewsLength: 6:46

Tutorial: Restore From Backups

5,466 viewsLength: 3:19

Tutorial: Adding Currencies

5,109 viewsLength: 4:55

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Your Site Design

The design of your site will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Your business's success can depend on the quality and appropriateness of your site design. Get it right and your visitors will be comfortable in browsing and purchasing from our store. Get it wrong and your bounce rate (rate at which visitors leave your store without going to another page) will increase.Mark my words, the design of your site is as critical to the success of your business as the price of your products. Do not think that anything can overcome a poorly designed site. Visitors to your site will..

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Email Newsletters

After you had built your online store, generated some traffic and acquired a customer base one of the things you should start to focus on next is developing and cultivating your relationship with your existing customers. Keeping in mind that social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are wildly popular and should be utilised there is also still a very important role for the traditional email newsletter. Email newsletters are a great way to deliver news about product updates, new products, promotions or even information that your customers would be interested in. As with anything it's vitally important that we can see measurable results for our..

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Offering Product Support

You will need to do product support regardless of what it is you are deciding to sell. Even when you think that there will be no possible way for any of your customers to ever require your assistance believe me they will. What's more, they will find ways to use and misuse your product that you never contemplated.The bare bones standard method for handling support request is via a contact us page which can be as simple as email/name/message or as complicated as a highly detailed html form that allows the collection of much more details prior to processing.Here's what you need to know...It's not..

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Choosing Domain Names

Firstly, when picking a domain name avoid the following if possible:- More than 2 word names - It won't negatively affect your SEO or ranking in Google but it will negatively affect the amount of visitors who type in your domain name in the web browser address bar.Only use hyphenated names if you have to - For the same reasons as above. Don't believe me then ask a few people what a hyphen is and see for yourself.Forget vanity names - It's great that you have now branched out into the world of e-commerce but don't let it got to your head and buy the domain

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Conversion Rates

When you need to measure your sites performance there is one statistic that stands above all others. Some people will say that the number of visitors is the most important statistical measurement or that return on investment for advertising is more important but I'm here to tell you that your first priority in any e-commerce site is to make sure that your conversion rate is acceptable. What's a conversion rate and what's an acceptable conversion rate? The conversion rate is a measurement of the percentage of visitors to your store that become customers. So if you have a conversion rate of 2.00% that would mean that..

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